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 Defragmentatie (English revieuw)

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BerichtOnderwerp: Defragmentatie (English revieuw)   di dec 29, 2009 6:23 pm


Each time you operate a computer, it is accessing and writing new files onto the hard drive, but not necessarily in any order. Computer hard drive defragmentation involves the re-organization of scattered files that have been written on the computer hard drive in various places so that the computer can run more efficiently. When these files are reorganized in a contiguous fashion, the disc drive reads and records information more smoothly and quickly.

The Facts

The process of defragmenting a computer disc drive is also known as "defragging" and "defrag." Defragmentation involves recognizing which files on a computer are broken down or not written into similar contiguous files and re-organizing those files into smooth clusters so the system disc drive can read and retrieve information more efficiently.

Fragmentation occurs often when the system does not recognize or have enough room to store or write certain information within a continuous file. Therefore, the system writes part of that file into different gaps between other files on the computer system. Larger files, as well as a large number of files, can contribute to disc fragmentation.


The functions of defragmenting computer disc drives on a regular basis are to ensure that the hard drive is maintained, to speed up performance and to allow for increased memory storage space on the computer hard drive, all by compacting the hard drive space. The defrag process also fixes or repairs errors the computer may be experiencing.

Defragging a computer system also allows the system to make backup files on the computer system for security and performance processes.


Most Windows operating system computers have some version of a defragmentation maintenance process. If Windows operates on your computer, you may be able to access the disc defragmenter by first clicking on the Start menu. Next, click Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools and then Disk Defragmenter. If your computer system uses a different operating system, or different version, or if you are uncertain, resources are available online for free, such as the one at ZDNet.

There are also online defragging instructions for Linux version operating systems.

For Macintosh systems, defragmentation is not normally necessary.


If defragging is a new process for you to run on a computer system, it is not something to start without allowing several hours for the computer system to complete. Disc defrag programs are usually run overnight and then set up for the system to regularly perform monthly, semi-monthly or weekly defragging sessions automatically as part of routine maintenance.


Regular computer maintenance and defragmentation are not complicated processes, although many people are afraid to try them, or learn about them. Defragmentation is a process you can easily learn and perform from home or on the road if you plan and allow for enough time in advance for the entire defrag process to be completed. For best system performance, it is important not to disrupt the defrag process while in process.
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Defragmentatie (English revieuw)
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