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 How to install Windows Vista/7 using bootable USB storage device

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BerichtOnderwerp: How to install Windows Vista/7 using bootable USB storage device   za apr 24, 2010 5:02 pm

- Windows Vista/7 DVD 0r installation source (setup backup files)
- A 4GB USB 2.0 Storage device (Its recommeded to use USB 2.0 device for optimal performance)

* Plug your USB storage device.
* Run CMD and execute the following commands one by one.
* Diskpart

Run Disk parition utility

* List disk

To get disk index that is used to pefrom disk paritioning.

* Select disk 1

Selects disk to pefrom disk paritioning.

* Clean

Flush your existing all USB drive's partitions.

* Create parition primary

Creates a parition as primary parition.

* Format recommeded

Format your USB drive w/ recommeded parameters. (No need to worry about file system format)

* Active

Set the parition as active to hold bootmgr.

* Exit

To quit Diskpart utlity
Now copy all Windows Vista/7 files to USB storage device... thats all.

* Boot your PC w/ it, you can install Windows Vista/7 via bootable USB storage device.

Note: If you face any trouble to boot w/ it or unable to boot, try this


I:\Boot\Bootsect.exe /NT60 I: Where I: is the drive letter of USB storage device
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How to install Windows Vista/7 using bootable USB storage device
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